Final Remittance Communication

Dear Customer,

Further to my letter dated 2 August 2022, I write to provide you with a final update on our restructuring plan.

As we have not received the API authorization yet for our new remittance entity Sonali Pay UK Limited, we will not be able to provide remittance service to you from 16th Aug 2022. We have made the necessary arrangement to stop this service after 14 August 2022 23:59:59. See the below table for date & time to stop our service.

Mode of RemittanceCut-off date & Time
Walk in Remittance12/08/2022; 16:30:00
Telephone Remittance12/08/2022, 16:30:00
Mobile App & Online Remittance14/08/2022; 23:59:59

We remain fully committed to resume this service to you again in the near future under the new trading name / brand “SonaliPay”. In the meantime, you can visit any Post Office nearest to your home who offer remittance services via MoneyGram. You may also use the remittance services provided by Western Union, Small World or RIA who may have agents located near your house.

I thank you for your understanding and patience and look forward to serving you again in the near future on your remittance needs.

If you need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us on  020 7877 8200 or via email on or

Yours Sincerely

Mr Khawja Masum Billah

Chief Executive Officer