Compliance Notice

Sonali Bangladesh (UK) Limited on 16th August 2022 took over the existing legal obligations of Sonali Bank (UK) Limited by virtue of section 81 (2) of the Companies Act 2006.

 Sonali Bank (UK) Limited closed all personal accounts on 31st December 2017. The balance remaining on the accounts was subsequently transferred to independent trustees appointed for that purpose, in accordance with the terms of a trust deed entered between SBUK and the trustees. This was communicated to customers at the time so as they could contact the Trustees to make applications for unclaimed funds.

 To allow former account holders more time to apply for unclaimed deposits from the Trustees, the Trust has been extended by a further 5 years until 20th February 2029.

 The trustees are Christine Bartlett and Nigel Heath Sinclair of Richard Long & Co, whose contact details are as follows:

 Christine Bartlett and Nigel Heath Sinclair

Richard Long & Co

Castlegate House

36 Castle Street



SG14 1HH

 Telephone number: 01992 503372.

 Email: (with a copy to


If you wish to claim payment of amounts owed to you, the appropriate course will be to make a request for payment in writing to the trustees using the contact details above, rather than SBUK. When you contact the trustees in this way, you will be required to prove your identity in the same way as if you were withdrawing the funds from the Bank prior to 31st December 2017. 


Please note that funds transferred to the trustees, do not earn any interest as per the Trust arrangement.   

Compliance Notice