Our remittance service is one of the quickest, easiest and safest ways to send money to Bangladesh. All it requires is a brief trip to one of our branches, either in London or Birmingham, or you can even do it over the phone.

We provide both English and Bengali speakers, making sure you’re looked after throughout the process. Our remittance service is incredibly safe and reliable, allowing you to put your mind at ease when it comes to trusting that your money is going exactly where you’re sending it.

It’s Quick and Straightforward

In previous years, it’s been something of a hassle sending money to Bangladesh, there’s been no single straightforward, reliable way to make sure that your money reaches its intended recipients, and it was fairly costly too.

Our remittances services are extremely straightforward and speedy by comparison. All you need is a form of ID and proof of address and income, and then to fill out two forms, and that’s basically all there is to it. You can be done and dusted quickly, with no fuss.

Our helpful staff are more than willing to explain and guide you through the process too, and there’s plenty of flexible options when it comes to actually getting it done.

Multiple, Flexible Options

When it comes to sending the remittance, you’re not limited to having to physically visit either our London or Birmingham branch, we can also deliver this service over the phone. This makes it infinitely more flexible for those customers not living near one of our branches.

Over the counter, you can send up to £5,000, and over the phone, you can send up to £4,000, but we don’t currently accept cash.

We’re also not limited to just speaking in English. Our customer service staff are fluent in Bengali, so we can put you at ease and help you get your transactions done quickly and without hassle.

Safe and Reliable

We understand that sometimes, it can be really nerve-wracking sending large sums of cash overseas, and that’s why we’ve worked to create a service that’s as safe and reliable as possible, allowing us to put your mind completely at ease.

With our thorough identification checking system, combined with a high-security system, we can guarantee that your money is reaching the intended recipient, as well as that, it can be in as little as 24 hours or next working day.

All you need to pick the money up in Bangladesh is proof of ID and the PIN number provided by Sonali Bank Ltd. Then it’s just a case of heading over to one of the bank branches in Bangladesh and receiving your money. There’s a service charge of £3 when picking up the cash at a ReadyCash facility.